Cost Effective & Enterprise
FusionStor Cosmic gives a cost effective solution for Enterprise compared with fibre channel storage area network.

High Data Throughput & Multipathing.
Optimized Storage Software, 10 GbE-, TOE-, Intel® I/O AT, Fibre Channel and Multi-CPU Support. Cosmic uses redundant logical paths - multiple connections - between the server and the storage device. In case that one or more of logical path fails, users can still access their data using the alternate paths.

High Security
Clustering Support, IPsec, Snapshot with Scheduling, OS on USB-DOM, minimize Downtime, CHAP Authentication and Network UPS Support, Shadow copy of OS.

iSCSI Initiator Support
FusionStor Cosmic is compatible with iSCSI software initiators from Microsoft, Linux and others. It also supports iSCSI HBAs from Adaptec, Alacritech, Intel and Qlogic.

Centralized Management & Monitoring
Fusionstor Cosmic can be managed centrally from any remote terminal by the administrator. The administrator can configure the iSCSI Target Module through the web based, password protected user interface, using SSL. Cosmic system can have multiple administrators with different levels of administrative rights. Cosmic allows user to monitor hardware status for temperature, voltages, fan speeds.

IPsec (IP security)
Ipsec is a standard for securing Internet Protocol (IP) communications by encrypting and authenticating all IP packets. It provides security for the network layer.

Snapshot is an immediate point-in-time image of the logical volume (LV). The snapshot image can be used for both consistent and temporary backup, while users still have uninterrupted and complete access to the LV. Also, if a user accidentally deletes or incorrectly modifies a file, that file can be recovered from a previous snapshot image. FusionStor Cosmic supports "Multiple Snapshot with Scheduling" to create snapshots at predefined points in time(e.g. automatically every hour).

Volume Replication
FusionStor Cosmic provides an extra layer of fault tolerance as you mirror two iSCSI target Volumes, similar to disk mirroring (RAID 1). By allocating one iSCSI target as the primary data storage device and the second as a destination iSCSI target, data will be synchronously be written to both the iSCSI targets using a dedicated network connection. The primary iSCSI target will be replicated in real time, so that the data will be available if the primary storage system becomes unavailable.

Infiniband, Fibre Channel & 10G
Fusionstor Cosmic supports 10GbE, FC HBA and Infiniband for additional flexibility in high speed network environments. FusionStor Cosmic supports most FC HBAs from Qlogic and Emulex for connecting external FC-SAN storage to Cosmic system. Fusionstor Cosmic can be used as FC-iSCSI Gateway.

Multiple NIC Support offering ALB, AFT & TOE
Fusionstor Cosmic supports usage of 2 or more network cards to access separate sub-networks. It allows administrators to select services to be enabled on a specified NIC. Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB) enhances data throughput by automatically routing data through alternative paths as application change. Greater reliability through Adaptive Fault Tolerance (AFT) by providing a secondary network adapter which automatically takes over if the primary network adapter fails. TOE lowers the host-system CPU communications overhead. It increases bandwidth, reduces message latency across connections and improves the overall performance.