Reliability, Scalability, Flexibility and High Performance SAS to SAS/SATA II JBOD Solution

Most businesses today are facing escalating data growth. Small-and-medium-size enterprises predicting storage needs and controlling costs can be especially challenged as business grows.

FusionStor understands these challenges and has developed optimized storage solutions to match application requirements. FusionStor IFS 7100 is designed to meet SMB customers to provide no-single-point-of failure, modular, scalable and affordable subsystems.

Price/ Performance and Flexibility
FusionStor IFS 7100 is designed to support intermixed combination of SAS and SATA II hard drives according to customer's needs. It provides the most cost-effective storage pools for different kinds of data and provides a better storage architecture for the ILM (Information Life Cycle) applications. The FusionStor IFS 7100 supports high-performance 4 Gb Fibre Channel throughout its architecture, include the midplane, drives, and host/drive ports. Raw capacity up to 24TB (using 2TB SATA II drives) FusionStor IFS 7100 also provides cache auto-resizing and cache buffer size auto-configuration to improve storage performance and to maximize system efficiency.

Scalability, Reliability and Serviceability
With the expansion, enterprises can expand FusionStor IFS 7100 up to 48 SATAII disk drives to meet the requirements of various fixed-content and retention-managed data applications that require large amounts of storage capacity. Support very large numbers of servers and applications with 256 LUNs.. Dedicated hot spare and Global hot spare are also designed to gain the reliability when enabling RAID function. The FusionStor IFS 7100 supports a variety of server platforms with either SAN or direct-attached connections. The FusionStor IFS 7100 is a reliable storage system designed with redundant, hot-swappable field-replaceable units (FRUs) for easy serviceability. In the event of component failure, a hard disk drive, power supply, battery module, controller or fan module can be replaced within seconds. The FusionStor IFS 7100 also supports non-disruptive, eliminating downtime for firmware upgrades.

Data is protected with volume-based failover and replication
The design of the FusionStor IFS 7100 results in improved availability and reliability by way of volume based active-active access. Active redundant data paths, significant reduction in HOST/ SAN/ HBA driver complexity and hardware FRU modules redundant had accomplished no single point of failure.

Centralized and Intuitive management tools
The FMS (Ftrace Management System) is designed to support centralized management of all FS series. It helps administrators to quickly configure and monitor storage from a Java technology-based Web browser interface.

Reliable storage for small to mid-sized computing environments
Well suited for SAN environment, reliable and cost-effective storage with high availability features.
Provide four 4GB Fibre Channel for host connectivity to support multipath failover for clustered servers.
3Gb SAS or SATA II disk interface for superior application performance.
Support storage expansion of up to 48 hard drives, and up to 14.4TB capacity with SAS hard drives or 96TB capacity with SATA II hard drives.
Intuitive management interface for simplified setup and monitoring.
Cache configuration and RAID 6 dual-parity striping to improve performance and availability.