The IFS-7424 SAS JBOD is a high-density, high-reliability and cost-effective SAS host to SAS/SATA-II disk direct attached primary or near-line storage solution. With IFS-7424, you can customize the storage system for your needs. Configure it to meet the high reliability, high-performance with SAS disk drive or low-cost high-capacity requirements with SATA-II disk drive or to create tiered storage solutions by mixing both SAS and SATA-II disk drives in the same system. The IFS-7424 SAS JBOD offers the high-performance and continuous availability demanded by today's business applications and provides customers with choices in performance, capacity and reliability.

Density and Scalability
Each IFS-7424 SAS JBOD supports up to 24 disk drives in a 4U enclosure. It provides up to 48TB of SATA storage capacity for non-critical data or up to 10.8TB of high-performance 450GB 15K RPM 3.5" SAS disk drive for primary mission-critical data storage. The DNS-1400 SAS JBOD can be scaled up to a total of 96 spindles (or four enclosures) for a total capacity of 192TB with 2.0 SATA-II disk drive or 43.2TB with high-performance SAS disk drive.

Redundancy & Reliability
Hot-Swappable disk drives and redundant, hot-swappable power and cooling modules that ensure the highest level of system availability and maximum possible uptime is achieved through dual active-active Serial Attached SCSI I/O Module controllers that provide failover/failback operation.