Salient Features
• Support for 16 Gb/s, 8 Gb/s & 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel devices.
• Comprehensive virtualization capabilities with support for N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) and Virtual Fabric.
• BlockGuard® ready - ensure end-to-end data integrity.
• Easy deployment of new firmware with minimal server reboots.
• Efficient centralized administration of Emulex HBAs via powerful management tools.

Lifecycle Active

Distrib. Inventory No

Ordering Part # M-LPe16002B-M6, 2 Ports 16GFC Short Wave Optical - LC SFP+

Ordering Optional Accessories M-LPe16100-OPT spare optic kit - Emulex Certified Spare Optic Kit for LightPulse 16GFC HBAs. QTY 1 optic per kit- 16GFC short wave lasers with LC-type connecter SFP+ optic. Compatible with all Emulex LightPulse 16GFC HBAs. For use as an on-site spare optic.

Whats in the box In an effort to reduce excessive packaging, each Host Bus Adapter (HBA) ships in a small, space-efficient box. Drivers, installation manual and firmware updates are downloadable from Emulex.com.

• 1x low-profile Host Bus Adapter
• 1x full-height bracket
• 1x low-profile bracket

Physical Dimensions Short, low profile MD2 form factor card 167.64mm x 68.91mm (6.60” x 2.71”) Standard bracket (low profile available)

Cable Support 100m at 16Gb on 50/125 μm OM3 MMF, 125m at 16Gb on 50/125 μm OM4 MMF, 15m at 16Gb on 62.5/125 μm OM1 MMF, 35m at 16Gb on 50/125 μm OM2 MMF, Operating at 16Gb

Optical Data Rates Fibre Channel data rates: 14.025 Gb/s (1600Mb/s); 8.5 Gb/s (800Mb/s); 4.25 Gb/s (400 Mb/s) (auto-detected)

Data Transfer Rates Supports 16GFC, 8GFC and 4GFC link speeds, automatically negotiated

Hardware Environment PowerPC, SPARC, x86, x64 and Intel Itanium 64-bit processor family

Ports 2

Optics Short wave lasers with LC type connector

Host Bus Type x8 lane PCI Express® 3.0

I/O Controller XE201

Operating Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing

Operating Temperature 0°C to 55°C

Storage Temperature -40° to 70° C

Operating Voltage (V) +3.3V, +12V

OS Support Additional support is available from OEMs and partners, Linux, Solaris, VMware vSphere, Windows Hyper-V, Windows Server

Power Supply 1.8V, 1.2V, 0.9V

Industry Standards Current ANSI/IETF Standards: FC-PI-4, FC-AL (2GFC/4GFC/8GFC speeds), FC-AL-2 with amendments 1 and 2, FC-DA, FC-FLA, FC-FS, FC-FS-2 with amendment 1, FC-GS-2/3/4/5, FC-GS-6, FC-HBA, FC-LS-2, FC-MI, FC-MJS, FC-PH-2, FC-PH-3, FC-PI, FC-PI-2, FC-PI-5, FC-PLDA, FC-SB-2, FC-SB-4, FC-SP, FC-SP-2, FC-TAPE, FCP, FCP-2, FCP-4, Fibre Channel class 2 and 3, Legacy ANSI/IETF standards: FC-PH, PCIe base spec 3.0, PCIe card electromechanical spec 3.0, PHP hot plug-hot swap, RFC2625, RFC4338, SBC-2, SBC-3, SPC-3, SPC-4, SSC-2, SSC-3

Regulatory Certifications AS/NZS CISPR:2009 +A1, Class A, Australian EMC Framework (RCM), BSMI Class A, CNS13438:2006 (complete), China RoHS Compliant, EMC Directive 2004/108/EC (CE Mark), EN55022:2010, Class A, EN55024:2010, EU RoHS Compliant (Directive 2011/65/EU), FCC Part 15, Class A, ICES-003:2012, Class A, MSIP (formally KCC/MIC), Class A, TUV Bauart-certified to EN60950-1:2006 +A11+A1+A12, UL recognized to UL 60950-1 2nd edition, VCCI Class A, cUR recognized to CSA22.2, No. 60950-1-07