The IFS-7200 the Dual Active Expandable 3Gbps SAS Channel RAID Storage Solution, designed for high-impact and high-volume storage environments. The IFS-7200 is utilizing Dual Active-to-Active hot-swap components, such as dual SAS RAID controllers, dual high speed cooling fan modules and dual redundant power supply, which provide data accessibility and availability around the clock. A standard 2U rackmount design supports up to 12 high-performance SAS and cost-effective SATA disks, with total capacity of 24TB and up to total 96TB storage by adding another 3 x 12 disks JBOD expansion ,scaling upto 48 disks. The IFS-7200 is an ideal Dual Active SAS Channel RAID storage solution for professional storage applications that require critical data protection and continuous data processing 24 hours a day and 7 days a week all year long.

Dual Active-to-Active 3Gbps SAS Channel Controllers
IFS-7200 controllers are featuring a next generation Dual Active-to-Active technology that capable of sustaining a high speed data transfer rate, and offering a cutting edge data redundancy, which provides complete storage protection. The dual SAS RAID controllers also support a host of RAID advanced functions such as RAID level 0, 1, 10, 3, 5 & 6, Global or Dedicate Hot Spare and Automatic RAID Reconstruction.

Quad 3Gbps SAS Channel Interfacesb
The IFS-7200 provides up to 12 SAS/SATA disks and features Four (Two per Controller) 3Gbps SAS Channel, compatible with industry standard SAS interface, which is a high-speed network technology that's widely deployed in post, and maximizes disk performance for a broader range of storage possibilities.

IFS-7200 comes with 2 x 500 watt hot-swappable redundant power supply that protect the system from unexpect AC surge. The two power supply share system's power loading and ready to take over the full system power loading if one of the power fails. With the hot-swap feature, the system can remain in operation while the replacement is taking place to ensure system availability and provide zero-down-time.