Simple management of secure storage

CPA firms' reputations are built on providing excellence and integrity in helping businesses and individuals attain their financial goals. There is increasing state and federal regulation to protect and retain client records. Secure and efficient backup is a challenge for these companies, especially in a direct attached storage environment. Tapes must be loaded, unloaded and identified for each server, which is time consuming and prone to error. FusionStor, a leading company in storage industry, offers an all-in-one storage appliance that simplifies entralizing storage for accounting firms. With a simple management interface that does not require storage administration expertise, the FusionStor Infinit can easily accommodate changing storage demands.

The FusionStor Infinit provides a way to improve the reliability of backups while reducing the overall cost of storage management through consolidation of storage into a central, scalable pool that can be easily allocated and reallocated. Capacity can be easily added as required without the need to disrupt applications. Once physical capacity has been added to the pool, storage can be simply allocated to a server, user group or application on the fly. Data can be protected to survive a dual disk drive failure; client records can be backed up and restored in an instant; and the backup window can become a thing of the past with FusionStor Snapshot technology