Secure reliable storage that is easy to manage

Universities, Colleges and Schools all share in common an ever-increasing need for data storage. This need for more and more storage is fueled by new administrative applications, rich-media files created by students, more powerful research tools, distance learning applications and a growing population of wired and wireless computer and PDA users. Any educational institutions support a growing intranet, an external Web site, Exchange servers for email and a number of proprietary financial and student management applications. At universities and colleges this is compounded with data-intensive research applications such as CAD, biotechnology research and supercomputing applications associated with technology curriculums. Remote school extensions, classrooms and sites are connected via WANs.

Common problems include

  • Funding – Budget for IT investment in K-12 and higher education is always an issue and they need to invest in solutions that give real value for the money
  • Migration from paper-based storage to online storage - Many local schools and colleges are looking to upgrade from paper archives to a more modern, server-based electronic data storage system.
  • Server growth is mushrooming - Servers are growing exponentially along with new applications, such as Distance Learning. Along with growth comes the need to manage each server’s storage separately, resulting in some servers being underutilized while others are filled to capacity
  • Data storage Backup windows are becoming unmanageable - With more users becoming dependent on educational institution networks, backup windows are shrinking while the amount of data is growing, increasing the time taken to back up. The result, frustrated users. For many schools the only way to add storage is to back up, take down the server, add drives and rebuild again.
  • IT staffing challenges - Keeping up with maintaining storage for separate application servers has become very complex requiring specialized expertise. Many K-12 and higher education institutions are looking for appliance solutions that are simpler and take less time to maintain.
  • Online communications applications growth - E-mail, Web-based service applications, student information Intranets, video surveillance records and Distance Learning, especially online video-based learning, is driving increased storage requirements. Instructors can tailor their classroom curriculum by providing real-time access to student achievement data.
  • Disaster Recovery - Educational institutions face growing pressure to protect vital information, such as student records, from threats and hazards, so IT departments must plan for these critical conditions

The FusionStor Solution

FusionStor, a leading company in storage industry, offers an all-in-one networking storage appliance that simplifies centralizing storage. Fusionstor addresses multiple educational pain points in a single solution

  • Affordability for Budgets – Customers says it all. Dr. Susan A. Agruso, superintendent of schools for South County School District says: "Funding is always a challenge and we need to invest in solutions that give real value for money. This solution (Fusionstor) meets our needs now and will allow us to continue to grow."
  • Flexibility to handle growth - Fusionstor provides storage flexibility to handle all types of application data, such as E-mail, Distance Learning applications, Microsoft® Exchange™, Microsoft SQL™, and ORACLE®. Fusionstor saves you time and keep your end users happy by automatically allocating storage to multiple applications. Fusionstor also supports Windows, UNIX and MAC file sharing, as well as NAS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN.
  • Consolidate with Fusionstor - Stop paying for storage that you can’t utilize. Centralize your storage and easily manage your data with Fusionstor Manager.
  • Instant Backup and Restore – Fusionstor allows you to reduce your backup windows significantly by providing instant back up and file recovery with NetApp’s SnapShot™ technology. And you get your nights and weekends back.
  • Easy installation in minutes versus hours and days– Fusionstor is truly easy to install and maintain. No more hours of poring through installation manuals and searching for answers online. Fusionstor is preconfigured at the factory for all the options you want with auto-provisioning and a simple to use graphical GUI, making implementation and maintenance a breeze. And your Fusionstor authorized partner is there every step of the way with you, backed up by the Fusionstor team from Network Appliance. Time saved means being able to operate more efficiently with the staffs you have.
  • Disaster Recovery – Get easy off-site data protection with Fusionstor Replication. Fusionstor’s Advanced Protection Architecture provides RAID-DP and guards against dual drive failure.
  • Virtualization – Maximize your ROI with the combination of server and storage virtualization. Leverage the capabilities of Fusionstor in combination with VMware to share multiple application storage on the same Fusionstor appliance.