Simple management of secure storage

Government agencies face the constant challenge of data growth and shrinking budgets yet expectations from their communities to deliver better services. Storage is the one service asset government organizations cannot afford to overlook.

Many local governments are looking to upgrade from paper archives to a more modern, server-based electronic data storage system. Demand for data storage is also increasing annually exponentially due to increased use of email and online document storage. For example, at City of Sherwood, Oregon, data storage needs are skyrocketing. Backup, security and storage of photographic, historical and CAD drawings are consuming increasing amounts of storage and IT resources with the complexity of managing this data.

Key pain points for local and state governments include

  • Limited Budgets – Budget for IT investment in local and state governments is always an issue. Despite budget  constraints governments must be able to meet rapidly growing data storage demands. Solutions that consolidate storage reduce the need to purchase additional servers reducing costs.
  • Migration from paper-based storage to online storage - Many local governments are looking to upgrade from paper archives to a more modern, server-based electronic data storage system.
  • Server and applications growth is mushrooming - Servers are growing exponentially along with new applications. Along with growth comes the need to manage each server’s storage separately, resulting in some servers being underutilized while others are filled to capacity.
  • Data storage Backup windows are becoming unmanageable - In the current political climate both local and state governments are very sensitive to the need for immediate data backup and disaster recovery measures. Data backup cycles need to be reduced from days to minutes. For many government IT organizations the only way to add storage is to back up, take down the server, add drives and rebuild again. Government agencies have a need to share data with other agencies as well as receive and store and archive data making it important to backup.
  • IT staffing challenges- Keeping up with maintaining storage for separate application servers has become very complex requiring specialized expertise. Many government organizations are looking for appliance solutions that are simpler and take less time to maintain.
  • Disaster Recovery - Domestic incidents and threats have unfortunately risen as a priority for state and local governments, so IT departments must plan for the potential loss of data in emergencies.

FusionStor, a leading company in storage industry, offers an all-in-one networking storage appliance that simplifies centralizing storage. The FusionStor Infinit addresses multiple local and state government pain points in a single solution.

  • Affordability – Customers say it all. Brad Crawford, IT manager for the City of Sherwood, attests to the affordability and reliability of the Fusionstor solution: “I paid $5 per gigabyte of storage before moving to Fusionstor. Now I pay $1 per gigabyte with far greater reliability and enhanced features, which consolidated my environment.”
  • Flexibility to handle growth - Fusionstor provides storage flexibility to handle all types of application data, such as Microsoft® Exchange™, Microsoft SQL™, and ORACLE®  Fusionstor saves you time and keeps your end users happy by automatically allocating storage to multiple applications. Fusionstor also supports Windows, UNIX and MAC file sharing, as well as NAS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN.
  • Backup and Restore – Fusionstor allows you to reduce your backup windows significantly by providing instant back up and file recovery with NetApp’s SnapShot™ technology.  And you get your nights and weekends back.
  • Disaster Recovery – Get easy off-site data protection with Fusionstor Replication.  Fusionstor’s Advanced Protection Architecture provides RAID-DP and guards against dual drive failure. 
  • Easy installation in minutes versus hours and days – Fusionstor is truly easy to install and maintain. No more hours of poring through installation manuals and searching for answers online. Fusionstor is preconfigured at the factory for all the options you want making implementation a breeze and your Fusionstor authorized partner is there every step of the way with you, backed up by the Fusionstor team from Network Appliance.
  • Consolidation – Stop paying for storage that you can’t utilize.  Centralize your storage and easily manage your data with Fusionstor Manager.
  • Virtualization – Maximize your ROI with the combination of server and storage virtualization. Leverage the capabilities of Fusionstor in combination with VMware to share multiple application storage on the same Fusionstor appliance.