Secure, reliable storage that is easy to manage

Law firms have a variety of fluctuating storage needs depending on the case. With the rise in electronic data usage, sorting through documents for a case has changed from sifting papers to electronic discovery. E-mail records, financial data, contracts, drawings, transaction records all require storage for the litigation period and often longer. The amount of storage required is increasing exponentially every year. Every case is different and has different requirements for retention. This is particularly difficult to manage in a direct attached storage environment.

Fusionstor provides a way for law firms to consolidate their storage into a central, scalable pool that can be easily allocated and reallocated without the need to buy new processing power or disrupting existing storage. Capacity can be easily added as required without the need to disrupt applications. Once physical capacity has been added to the pool, storage can be simply allocated to a server, user group or application on the fly. Data can be protected to survive a dual disk drive failure; case files can be backed up and restored in an instant; and the backup window can become a thing of the past.