Manufacturing Design


Simplifying networked storage

Reduced costs are important not just in manufacturing but also in the support organizations like IT. As CAD and manufacturing application data files become larger and used more widely used in the organization, easy file sharing becomes more important and the old ways of storing data on individual servers with direct attached storage simply does not support the business efficiently.

FusionStor, a leading company in storage industry, offers an all-in-one storage appliance that simplifies centralizing storage. With a simple management interface that does not require storage administration expertise, the FusionStor Atomic / Cosmic can easily accommodate changing storage demands. Extra capacity can be easily added as required without the need to disrupt users. Capacity can also be allocated and reallocated without disruption, dramatically improving storage utilization. With support for file sharing and centralized application storage, all your storage needs can be met with reliability, peace-of-mind data protection and for a surprisingly affordable cost.