Secure, reliable storage that is easy to manage

Medical practices are increasingly being driven from paper-based systems to electronic records management. Patient records, examination notes, X-rays and drug details are all being stored digitally to provide more information to the medical staff and ultimately better care to the patients. Security, privacy and availability of these records are paramount.

FusionStor provides a way for medical practices to reduce their storage management costs through consolidation of their storage into a central, scalable pool that can be easily allocated and reallocated without disrupting the medical care. Capacity can be easily added as required without the need to disrupt applications. Once physical capacity has been added to the pool, storage can be simply allocated to a server, user group or application on the fly. Data can be protected to survive a dual disk drive failure; patient records can be backed up and restored in an instant; and the backup window can become a thing of the past with FusionStor Snapshot technology.