Data Protection


Secure your data today

FusionStor is armed with different types of solution on data protection depending on the customers application and requirement.

All the FusionStor products are equipped with RAID protection on the hard disk drive array. The RAID scheme provides protection for your data in the case of a drive failure: the failing drive is replaced and the RAID group automatically rebuilds the array from the surviving drives. In FusionStor RAID technology additional drives can be added to the array at any time to increase capacity. An additional level of protection is available by implementing RAID-DP (RAID Double Parity), it provides protection for your data in the event of 2 concurrent drive failures. This feature can be specified when you order the FusionStor products or you can add it at any time.

Hot Spare – The time to recover from a failed drive can be enhanced with the addition of a global hot spare. This is an additional drive that carries no data until impending drive failure is detected. In this case the hot spare rebuilds the data from the flagged drive without waiting for a replacement drive to be found, typically before the drive actually fails, ensuring continued protection for your data.

To implement RAID there is a small capacity (approximately 5%) overhead associated with efficiently operating RAID at the disk level. This overhead allows low-level disk-based management tasks to be performed, such as labeling and record maintenance.