Disaster Recovery



Remote offices and retail locations present unique challenges for data protection. Backup solutions must not only protect data of all computers at the remote site, it must enable quick restores of data. It must also provide a strategy for long term offsite storage of backups to protect against disasters. Because remote offices have limited IT resources and personnel, the solutions must also be easy to set up and use.

FusionStor data replication utility enables administrator to replicate data from servers on the network to one or more destinations. File-based or block-based data can be easily replicated over a WAN to a remote location to protect data in the event of a disaster or to distribute data to remote offices. Replication is a useful tool for off-site backup, data distribution, or simple round-robin geographic disaster insulation. Source data can be automatically updated to remote FushionStor units while the locally created originals remain in service. Replicated data is periodically updated to remain current and available for applications such as disaster recovery, offloading tape backup, read-only data distribution, testing on non production storage systems, online data migration, and more.

FusionStor Replication software has many bandwidth saving features that lower the infrastructure cost of data replication and disaster recovery. After replication is initialized, only new and changed blocks need to be updated over the network. By replicating only changes, FustionStor Replication significantly reduces network bandwidth requirements. In addition, FusionStor Replication takes checkpoints during data transfers. If a transfer is interrupted, it will restart from the most recent checkpoint. FusionStor Replication also performs intelligent resynchronization, eliminating the need for full transfers when recovering from a broken replica or loss of synchronization.