Storage Consolidation


Storage Expansion Unleashed
Expand storage capacity with ease & without straining IT resources

With every industry computerizing their process / activity the business data is increasing. The Challenge is to make this data available to all the employees who need it. The latest regulations require business data to be retained & accessible for years, even after it is no longer critical to daily business.

Most of the Small and Medium size industries rely on (DAS) direct attached storage using internal hard disks. DAS at a lower scale offers the virtues of lower cost, easy management but it is difficult to scale. Adding capacity requires stopping the server, applications opening of the server and adding individual disks. Which has a limitation, depending on the size of the Server box. Hence IT managers are looking for a solution to this by which they can scale their existing server capacity without losing their productive time.

FusionStor Atomic is the most convenient storage expansion solution. The NAS box can be attached to the existing network and configured to the existing server without shutting or switching off your applications on the server.

Key Features

  • Integrated, networked, scalable solutions simplify storage deployment and management
  • Managing storage as a single pool makes capacity planning easier and eliminates under-use or overuse of resources
  • Supports simultaneous transport of both file-level and block-level data
  • Provides a common storage infrastructure for an entire enterprise
  • Exceptional performance and scalability at an affordable price Consolidating corporate data allows for simple, shared storage that simplifies backup.

Consolidate Storage to Save Time and Money

In today’s economic climate companies need every possible advantage to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Atomic by FusionStor is ideally positioned to consolidate and simplify the data that resides on disparate servers that are tough to maintain and difficult to backup. These FusionStor built on the Linux platform deliver both block and file services for the enterprise storage network that reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

FusionStor offers a cost-effective hardware, software, and services solution that enables companies to consolidate their storage needs, regardless of computing or network platform — including Windows, UNIX/Linux, Macintosh. Centralizing data from multiple servers and desktop clients onto a FusionStor can save money by simplifying the storage infrastructure and reducing administrative expenses.