Virtualization Increases Server Utilization

The ability to easily move multiple virtual servers onto a single physical machine and then migrate those virtual servers whenever additional resources are needed allows for a radical reduction in the total number of servers needed by your organization. Without the benefit of virtualization the average server only has a utilization rate of 15%. This provides a large window of opportunity.

  • Virtualization Reduces IT Costs

Increased server utilization and consolidation provides savings from
  • Lower server, SAN, network and infrastructure costs
  • Reduced management overhead
  • Lower power, real-estate and deployment costs
  • Virtualization Increases Operational Agility

The ability to instantly provision new pre-packaged virtual servers onto a virtualized infrastructure gets new applications up and running in the data center in minutes, instead of weeks or months. Plus, being able to quickly move virtual servers from one machine to another or re-start a failed server dramatically improves resilience to failures.