Hardware Related Questions


Does FusionStor Cosmic support jumbo frames if supported by the NIC?
In Cosmic support for Jumbo Frames is implemented.

Does FusionStor support DDS backup devices IE (Certance CD 72) via Adaptec SCSI card to allow backup of NAS data?
In our NAS products there is implemented tape driver: • ST 20040102.

Unfortunately there is no official support list for this driver and we can not say which tapes will cooperate with them. We have just started building our own list of Tapes which are supported - based on our tests and on Linux Tape Device Certification Program (http://www.linuxtapecert.org/drives.php):
  • Certance STT3401A,
  • Exabyte VXA-1a,
  • OnStream ADR 2,
  • OnStream ADR 2,
  • OnStream ADR 2,
  • SONY SDX-420C,
  • SONY AIT3,
  • Tandberg SLR60,
  • Certance DAT72,
  • ADR2-60 - IDE/ATAPI 30/60GB per tape,
  • ADR2-120 - IDE/ATAPI 60/120GB per tape,
  • ADR2-60 - SCSI 30/60GB per tape,
  • ADR2-120 - SCSI 60/120GB per tape,
  • ADR2-60 - USB 30/60GB per tape,
  • ADR-50,
  • Compaq EOD003.

What is the best way to mirror a volume to two FusionStor Cosmic enterprise units? We are planning on getting two units and having a 500Gb volume on a connected client. However we want it to be mirrored between the two units for redundancy ?

You can achieve this effect with our FusionStor Cosmic Servers. You create a target on both of your hard drives using a hardware iSCSI initiator which creates a software mirror over 2 iSCSI targets.